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Shandong Molong Hismelt New Process To Achieve Continuous Industrial Production.
- Jan 07, 2019 -

Hismelt production process is the frontier technology in the field of metallurgy today. 

In 2005, the Kwinana plant in Australia verified the feasibility of the scale of the hismelt process industry through production practice, but at the same time there were many problems. 2012, Shandong Morong Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. introduced the Australian Kwinana Factory Hismelt technology and equipment, and combined with Beijing University and other units, in view of equipment, technology, production processes and other aspects of the problems, the Hismelt process has been improved and optimized, in the process stability, equipment durability, Great strides have been made in operational flexibility and comprehensive utilization of resources and energy. After more than 5 years of process adjustment and equipment optimization, hismelt melting reduction production process in 2016 for the first time to achieve continuous industrial production, is currently the world's only industrialized, no-block process, powder material direct smelting of the new melting reduction process. 

Morong Hismelt process is the first commercial production of hismelt process, but also the only new ironmaking technology can not use Coke and iron ore powder block, compared with the current blast furnace ironmaking process, with ultra-low emission of environmental protection advantages and low investment cost benefits, and can be used low-quality iron and carbon-containing raw materials, The production of high-quality clean iron, the process for the steel industry transformation and upgrading provides a new way of thinking.