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South Korean Steel Pipe Exports Fell 12.9% Year-on-year
- Jun 04, 2018 -

According to the South Korean Iron and Steel Association recently released data, this April, South Korean steel pipe exports fell 12.9% year-on-year, to 235,900 tons.

Among them, the oil industry pipe export volume from 84,800 tons down to 45,400 tons, the decline of 46.5%. January ~ April, South Korea's oil industry pipe exports of 584,300 tons, the same period last year, 308,800 tons of growth of 89.2%, pipeline exports reached 64,000 tons, compared with the same period last year 59,900 tons increased 68.4%.

In the range of large diameter steel pipe, January ~ April, the total export volume of spiral welded pipe in Korea was 1945 tons, down 67.4%; the export volume of longitudinal welded pipe fell 32.1% to 34,800 tons. South Korea's steel pipe output was 434,700 tonnes in March, down 13.8% from a year earlier. March, South Korea's small-caliber longitudinal welded pipe production fell 9.8% to 294,700 tons year-on-year, the output of large diameter longitudinal welded pipe fell 23.2% to 66,100 tons, the output of submerged arc welded pipe decreased by 20.6% to 338,500 tons, the output of special steel pipe fell 20.9%

To 13600 tons, corrugated pipe culvert production fell 3% to 2329 tons year-on-year. South Korea's steel pipe industry failed to raise overall product prices as construction activity slowed. In addition, with the reduction of overseas demand, South Korean steel pipe production has been seriously affected.