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Hualing Steel Company P92 High Pressure Boiler Pipe Through Technical Review
- Jan 19, 2018 -

November 16, 2017, Hualing Steel Company P92 large-diameter heavy wallthickness high-pressure boiler seamless steel tube is successfully approved by the Expert Group. The review Group is composed of technical experts from the National Boiler Pressure Vessel Standardization Technical Committee, China Special Equipment Testing Research Institute, Shanghai Power Generating equipment Design Institute Limited liability company, Xi ' an Thermal Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd. and three large boiler producers. The results of the review are: P92 High pressure boiler tube metallurgical quality, mechanical property and process performance are in accordance with GB/T 5310-2008 "high pressure boiler seamless steel tube" and ASME Standard as well as the boiler safety Technical specification related requirements, can be used for supercritical/super (Super) critical boiler's set box, Steam piping and other components, and similar operating conditions of the pressure components, agreed to pass the technical review.