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Angang Steel Group Successfully Produce 4 Mm Thick High Grade Steel Plate
- Mar 02, 2018 -

A few days ago, Angang steel group 4 mm thick limit specification high level steel plate smoothly off the production line.

4 mm thick steel plate is a limit specification with high production costs and process complexity. Due to high alloying element content, the performance control is difficult, the production process is extremely complex.

As the thickness of the steel plate has exceeded the limit of the mill design, in order to ensure the performance of the steel plate, the innovative heating method to the plate has solved the problem that the steel plate thickness is small, the length is big, the temperature drops fast cause the performance cannot be guaranteed. Maintain sufficient furnace temperature and high temperature rolling.

In the process of rolling, the plant chooses the best condition of the equipment, chooses the best operationer of the special mill to carry on the rolling to ensure the plate shape and  the smooth line of the product. At present, the factory has 4 mm thick limit specifications of high-grade steel plate production capacity and achieve full specifications of the steel plates.