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Valin Steel Group Successfully Produces High Alloy Tool Steel X32
- Oct 29, 2018 -

Recently, in the first half of this year to achieve the bimetallic saw blade back material for the batch production of D6A, Valin steel successfully trial production of this series of top brands X32 varieties, to achieve innovative breakthroughs in technology and products, and is expected to replace imports. X32 is a high alloy tool steel, alloy content of 8%, belongs to the tool plate strip in the top products. The high alloy content, smelting complexity, unit rolling load and surface oxide control of the steel are the difficult problems that have not been encountered before in the steelmaking plant and rolling mill of Valin Liangang. In the early stage of the development of X32 Steel, Valin R & D team carried out 3 months of laboratory research, pre-trial conducted a number of rounds of the program discussion, several times in other steel plant on-site testing and simulation. At the end of September, X32 trial successfully foreign bimetallic saw blade steel manufacturers are special steel enterprises, the use of special steel equipment with narrowband process production. The successful trial production of hualing Liangang is not only a breakthrough innovation in the manufacturing technology at home and abroad, but also promotes the progress of the technical level of the domestic iron and steel industry, which is one of the representative works produced in the domestic converter-slab continuous casting-wide strip hot continuous rolling production line. Marks the R & amp; D and production technology level of Liangang to a new level.