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South Korean Structural Steel Pipe Prices Are Hard To Rise
- Apr 24, 2018 -

Structural steel pipe price.

In mid-March, South Korea's domestic steel pipe factory tried to increase the price of its products. They sent a notice to customers that they would raise the price of all steel pipe products by 5 ~ 7%. However, the South Korean steel tube plant of this round of price measures has not entered into force in the market.

They again tried to raise prices in April shipments, but no progress has been made. In April, Korean structural steel tube manufacturers to produce the required hot-rolled coil plate price of 610 U.S. dollars per ton, in the case of steel pipe, the price per ton for 700,000 won (about 652 U.S. dollars/ton).

In this case, industry insiders say, they have to sell steel pipes without charging any processing fees. According to South Korean structural steel pipe industry experts predicted that, due to China's hot-rolled coil price downturn, the future South Korean structural steel tube prices are likely to rise very low.   

South Korean steel pipe industry sources said that since one year ago, South Korean structural steel tube sales have been falling sharply, is expected to increase in mid-June this year after the local election growth.