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The First Application Of Hundred Meter Heavy Rail In Handan Iron And Steel Corporation To The National Railway Line Construction
- Jun 25, 2018 -

May 15,2018. Handan iron and steel 15,600 tons hundred meters heavy rail products all off the line, and passed the various technical testing.

This batch of products is ordered by China Railway Corporation for the replacement of the national railway line track. In recent years, Handan iron and steel constantly improve the quality management system of heavy rail, through the technical cooperation with the General Research Institute, has conquered nearly 40 technical problems, heavy rail production technology is increasingly mature. This March, Handan Iron and steel 60 kg/m U75V/U75VG heavy rail through the China Railway Inspection and Certification Center (CRCC) certification. 

In order to ensure the quality of heavy rail, the steel rail decarbonization rate, NDT (nondestructive testing) detection rate to strengthen the coordination between heating, rolling, straightening, cutting and other processes, so that the rate of hundred meters heavy rail than the 2017 hundred meters test shop heavy rail upgrade 22.3%. In order to open up the international rail market, Handan Iron and Steel company took the lead in developing international standard rail certification for the highest quality standards in China, obtained the standard compliance certificate of TSI and en13674.1-2011 issued by the European Union, and became the first steelmaker to obtain the European Union TSI certificate.