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The Easy-cutting Non-tempered Steel Developed By Hebei Steel Group Is Used For Volvo Auto
- Dec 25, 2017 -

These days, Hebei Steel Group Technology Center Development Department releases good news, the new developed of easy-cutting non-tempered steel is successfully used in Volvo passenger car engine crankshaft, which means that Hebei Steel Group easy-cutting non-tempered steel products have advanced into the international high-end automotive core areas.

Easy-cutting non-tempered steel is known as "green Steel", Hebei Steel Group is the domestic started earlier enterprises to research and develop this kind of steel.In the past years, the successful development of economic and non-tempered steel for construction machinery rod Parts series of non-SG45 steel is the first patent of Hebei Steel Group.The mass application of products is to promote the company's independent innovation, scientific and technological progress of the model.