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The High Strength Steel Bar Of The Hebei Steel Group
- May 09, 2018 -

The high strength steel bar of the Hebei Steel Group once again prop up "the World first altitude" Guizhou Province Pingluo high-speed Pingtang Super Bridge tower construction height has exceeded 200 meters, Hebei Steel Group as the project designated High-strength Steel bar of the only supply enterprises, has been supplying a high strength of 20,000 tons of steel, all for the main bridge tower key support parts.

The future of the main Tata tower up to 328 meters, become the world's first high concrete bridge towers. Hebei Steel Group "Yanshan brand" High-strength rebar has been known as China's first brand of steel rebar reputation.

 Hebei steel group uses the original vanadium micro-alloying process, production of high strength, strong earthquake resistance, corrosion, easy to weld, low aging, low-temperature and other characteristics of vanadium-containing high-strength steel, is one of the few with full specifications, full grade of anti-seismic steel production capacity of enterprises, has served more than 20 national landmark construction. The Project Bridge Tower main project is expected to be capped in October 2018, the required 2000 tons of high strength steel bar, river steel is in an orderly organization.