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The Longest Steel Cableway Wire Rope is Successful Produced By Angang Steel Group
- Jan 30, 2018 -

Recently, Angang Steel Group successfully produce cableway steel wire rope of 6x36WS-SF.it is the longest high intensity pulsating cableway wire rope in China.

The steel wire rope length is 4150 meters, tensile strength reached the highest standard of 1960MPa, net weight of 37 tons. Compared with ordinary steel wire rope, the product has many characteristics, such as stable structure, abrasion resistance, small extension, minimum breaking force and long life. The typical characteristic of the pulsating ropeway is that the compartment is distributed on the traction cable. Because the user to the steel wire rope comprehensive performance standard and the parameter request unusually strict, receives the order, the company attaches great importance, immediately organizes the technical department according to the user needs to carry on the process adjustment. Production system to overcome the cold weather, tight time, heavy task, difficult and other difficulties, the organization of production of the backbone of overtime fine production. Maintenance personnel to adjust the equipment at any time, to provide a strong support for production operations to ensure the quality of the wire rope, the smooth completion of the quantity.

It is understood that "Angang licensing" ropeway wire rope with virtue of excellent product quality has already successfully occupied domestic passenger cargo ropeway market more than 95% of the market share. This time, again by the application of the heavyweight scenic spot, so that the company in the product technology has been upgraded again, in order to further seize the domestic and foreign ropeway market provides a new opportunity.