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The Maintenance Of Seamless Steel Pipe
- Nov 04, 2017 -

Seamless steel tube Knowledge Many people know already is more, but many people only know seamless steel tube production, sales, use and so on knowledge, but there is a part is very important, that is maintenance and maintenance! Seamless steel tubes in the production of seamless steel tubes, will be involved in the pickling process. For the staff, in the seamless steel tube pickling time need to pay attention to the following problems:

First, before pickling must wear good labor protection supplies. For the scene of the work environment also need to carry out a detailed inspection, mainly to check whether the steel pipe strap intact, confirmed that the good work can be carried out.

Second, in pickling, pickling is mainly used hydrochloric acid pickling, the general hydrochloric acid content of 18% to 20% the best.

Third, the staff in the operation before the acid concentration and temperature, as well as the tank pickling pipe tonnage to understand clearly. These can be detected by using a professional measuring device.

Fourth, for pickling steel pipe each time the best weight control between 2 to 5 tons, time in 5-15 minutes. Time needs to be adjusted according to the amount of weight. Steel pipe in the process of pickling also need regular vibration, in the tube to the acid trough, the steel pipe should be tilted, to prevent the accidental injury to the person of hydrochloric acid.

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