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The Shoddy Identification Of Stainless Steel Pipe
- Nov 04, 2017 -

1. Shoddy seamless steel tube easily scratches, the reason is shoddy seamless steel tube factory equipment, easy to produce burrs, scratches the surface of steel. Deep scratches reduce the strength of the steel.

2. The shoddy seamless steel tube has no metallic luster, is pale red or resembles the pig iron color.

3. Shoddy seamless steel tube thin and low, often appear filled with dissatisfaction, the reason is that manufacturers to achieve a large negative tolerance, the first few lines of the product under the pressure of large, iron-type small, hole-type filled with dissatisfaction.

4. Shoddy seamless steel pipe cross-section oval, the reason is the manufacturers in order to save materials, finished roll before the pressure on the side of the large, the strength of this seamless steel tube is greatly reduced, but also does not conform to the size of seamless steel tube standards.

5. High-quality seamless steel tube composition uniformity, the high tonnage of cold shearing machine, cutting head smooth and neat, and shoddy seamless steel tube because of poor material, cutting the end of the face will often have the phenomenon of meat, that is uneven, and no metallic luster. And because of shoddy factory products cut less, head and tail will appear big Rzi.

6. Shoddy seamless steel tube material containing impurities, steel density is small, and the size of the serious difference, so in the absence of vernier caliper, it can be weighed check. Generally speaking, the effect of the whole scale is better, and the problem of accumulative error and probability is mainly taken into account.