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Third Generation Ultra High Strength Steel QP1400 Produced By Angang Steel Group
- Jan 09, 2018 -

December 18,2017,the first domestic volume of the third generation of ultra-high-strength automotive steel QP1400 in Angang steel group cold rolled high-strength Automobile Board Company successfully off the line, the test of all mechanical indicators meet the requirements. The successful trial-manufacture of this product means that Angang's automobile steel manufacturing ability has reached the advanced level of the industry.

The Chinese name of QP Steel is quenched and divided steel, as one of the representative varieties of the third generation of automobile steel, with good strength and plasticity, and low alloy content, in line with the lightweight development direction of automotive steel, suitable for processing automobile structural parts, anti-collision parts and internal strengthening plate. Because of its ultra-high strength characteristics, production is difficult, most enterprises are discouraged.

At present, although many domestic iron and steel enterprises can produce automobile steel, but the production technology and the global first-class enterprises have a certain gap. The new generation of high-performance automotive steel, represented by the second and third generation of automotive steel, still relies on imports. At the end of 2011, the Steel Research Institute of Automobile and Home appliances of Angang group set up a new generation of high-performance automotive steel Research and development team, together with Angang steel plant, hot strip mills, cold rolling mills and other personnel to jointly carry out the third generation of automotive steel "ultra-high strength QP steel development" research and development work And in 2013, the successful trial of QP980, so that Angang has become the world's very few QP steel supply capacity of the steel enterprises.

In Anshan iron and steel group related units, Angang steel cold rolling high strength automobile Board Company and the University of Hong Kong, with the full cooperation of the alloy elements from the precision control to the selection of the slag composition system, from the continuous casting parameters to the thermal installation of the slab, from the determination of coiling temperature to pickling, cold-rolled preparation, From the simulation of laboratory continuous annealing process to the implementation of specific process parameters of production line, a set of reasonable industrialized production plan is designed, which lays a solid foundation for successful trial-manufacture of QP1400 products.