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TPCO Successfully Won The Bid For A Turkish Company 2018 Annual Tubing Procurement Project
- Dec 18, 2018 -

Recently, TPCO successfully won the bid for a Turkish company 2018 annual Tubing Procurement Project, this is the group since 2017 for two consecutive years successfully won the bid for the company's tubing and casing pipe procurement project, further enhance the brand influence of Tpco, and also for the group to become the company's regular suppliers laid a solid foundation.

After receiving the invitation to bid, TPCO immediately collected the relevant market information, analyzed the recent economic changes in Turkey, to ensure the rationality and feasibility of the tender quotation. To confirm and professionally answer customer questions on technical and commercial terms. In the end, TPCO stand out from a number of steel pipe enterprises, successfully obtained the company's tubing and casing pipe procurement new orders.