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Ultra-Large Oil Tanker Ruifeng Deck Steel Exclusively Supplied By The Anshan Iron And Steel Company
- May 04, 2018 -

Super large oil tanker ——— "Ruifeng" since the delivery of the voyage back, the first time to return to the bosom of the motherland.

As the heavy equiement on the connection of "21st Century one belt and one road", "Rui Fung" steel board execlusively supplied by the Angang. "Rui Fung" of load of 308,000 tons, the maximum speed of about 15.7 knots (about 29-kilometer/hour), endurance about 25,000 nautical miles.

Since the delivery of September 1, 2016, "Rui Fung" has carried out a total of 8 voyages, the main route for the Middle East to the Far East, to revitalize our shipbuilding industry and ocean shipping industry

Over the years, Angang closely followed the development situation of national Marine Strategy, aiming at the strategic demand and development direction of materials for China's marine equipment manufacturing industry, set up a project around the key materials and technology bottlenecks restricting the development of marine engineering equipment, and carried out a series of research and development work. In recent years, Angang to fill the domestic blank of the results, slogan Anshan steel in the field of marine brands, such as independent research and development of oil tankers with corrosion-resistant steel to break foreign technical barriers, applied to China's first demonstration tanker ——— "Daqing 435" number construction, to become the first development of the largest 90 mm thickness of large-scale container ship crack steel enterprises.