Fire Sprinkler Pipe

Fire Sprinkler Pipe

Fire sprinkler pipe or fire pipe or Fire- extinguishing pipe are generally made of carbon steel or ductile iron material and used to carry water or other liquid to connect firefighting equipment. It is also called fire protection pipes. According to the corresponding rules and standards, the...

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Fire sprinkler pipe or fire pipe or Fire-extinguishing pipe  are generally made of carbon steel or ductile iron material and used to carry water or other liquid to connect firefighting equipment. It is also called fire protection pipes. According to the corresponding rules and standards, the fire pipeline need to be red painted, (or with red anti corrosion epoxy coating), the point is to separately with other pipeline system. Since the fire sprinkler pipe usually installed in a static position, it requires a high level and restrict quality control.

In a word, fire sprinkler pipe and fittings have to possess good pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.

Fire pipe material types

Mainly material of fire pipe as below:
Carbon steel
Ductile iron
Stainless steel
Alloy steel
Composite or plastic pipe
Galvanized pipe

Epoxy coating
Zinc coating (Usually with thin thickness steel pipe)

Galvanized fire pipe could be used in dry and wet fire pipe conditions.

Fire pipe technical parameters

Coatings: Adjustable heavy epoxy coating system
General surface color: Red
Coating thickness: 250 um to 550 um.
Size range: DN15 to DN1200
Working temperature: -30℃ to 80℃ (Up top 760)
General working pressure: 0.1 Mpa to 0.25 Mpa
Connection types: Threaded, Grooved, Flanged
Applications: Water, gas, firefighting bubble transmission and supply

Connection types for different DN fire pipes

Threaded and coupling connection: Below DN100
Grooved and clamp connection: DN50 to DN300
Flange connect: Above DN50
Welded: Above DN100

In case fire pipe installed sub ground, welding is the strongest option, which could use double metal weld and damage free, in this way to prevent the problems that caused by epoxy coating damages or the pipeline cracks from geological subsidence.

Features of epoxy coated fire pipe

Fire pipe that with internal and external epoxy coating, is using the modified heavy epoxy powder, which has good chemical corrosive resistance. In this way to solve the problems like surface rusty, corrosive, internal scaling and etc, and to prevent from blocking, prominently increasing the durability of the fire sprinkler pipe. 

High density epoxy resin powder was used to spray the inner and outer walls of the extinguishing pipe, which solves the  corrosion and scaling problem in pipe burying and water transporting. It will not cause blockage of pipes and blockage of sprinklers and improve the service life of fire fighting pipes.

On the other hand, flame proof material has been added in the coatings, to make fire sprinkler pipe heat resistance better than other types of pipe. So even the working temperature is increasing rapidly it will not affect the performance of the fire pipe.

Therefore, fire sprinkler pipe that with internal and external epoxy coating, that is much better than galvanized pipe on the durability and performances.

Determining the right connection for fire sprinkler pipes

As we know there are four connection types to connect fire pipe or fittings. Which are: grooved connection, flange connection, butt weld connection and threaded connection.

When to use butt weld connection type for fire pipe

In case the fire sprinkler pipe internal without coating anti-corrosive coating, butt welding connection type could be used. However, you have to make sure the welding works should be done according related standard and conditions.

On the other hand, in case the fire sprinkler pipe material in hot dip galvanized, butt welding should not be applied.

On no account should an automatic sprinkler system pipe be welded, instead it should be threaded, flanged or connected through other ways.

When to use groove connection or flange connection type for fire pipe

In fire pipeline water supply systems, if the pipe material in galvanized steel and diameter more than 100 mm, then the connection type should be groove connection or flange connection. However, if the pipe diameter is greater than 100 mm, it is not stated in the automatic sprinkler system that threaded connection cannot be used. The specification remains that flange or groove connection shall only be used at a certain distance on the pipe with a diameter more than 100 mm.

When to use threaded connection

In fire sprinkler pipe system, the hot-dip galvanized pipe could be used, either manufactured in ERW or Seamless type. The galvanized fire sprinkler pipe with an inner and outer wall diameter of less than 100 mm, thread connection can be used.

Likewise, if the galvanized fire pipe in ERW, malleable iron threaded pipe fittings are fitted. For hot-dip galvanized seamless steel pipe, forged steel thread pipe fittings are used. The forged steel thread pipe fittings are suitable for a wall thickness of steel pipe less than Schedule 30 (Pipe Dia below 8 inch) or less than the Schedule 40 (Pipe Dia above 8 inch).

When to use flange joint connection fittings

Flange connection fire pipe can be further divided into many forms: Flat welding flange, welded flange and threaded flange, and others. The selected flange must comply with the standards of steel pipe flanges, steel but welded seamless pipe fittings, Teflon coated gaskets for pipe flanges standard.

In case flange connection is adopted for zinc coated fire sprinkler pipe, then the threaded flange shall be used. In case fire sprinkler pipe coated with anti-corrosive layers, welded flange connection shall be applied.

Product parameters


Head shape




Connection mode

Grooves connection




Internal and external spray


Seamless welding pipe


16/25 kilograms





Surface treatment

Fire resistant high density epoxy resin


 Fire fighting




Bundles; steel strip packing



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