SSAW Spiral Welded Pile Pipes

SSAW Spiral Welded Pile Pipes

SSAW spiral welded pipe pile with ASTM A252 Pipe piles are a type of driven steel pipe for deep foundations. Pipe piles are either open or closed end. If driven open end,soil is allowed to enter the bottom of the pile . If required, the soilcan be removed from inside the pipe with a water jet or...

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SSAW spiral welded pipe pile with ASTM A252 

Pipe piles are a type of driven steel pipe  for deep foundations.Pipe piles are either open or closed end. If driven open end,soil is allowed to enter the bottom of the pile. If required, the soilcan be removed from inside the pipe with a water jet or auger.

Spiral weld pipe, as the name implies, is a steel pipe that has a seam running its entire length in a spiral form. In the past, due to the method of manufacture, spiral welded pipe was relegated to low pressure and structural applications. With the development of the submerged arc welding process, the production of large hot rolled coils of sufficient width and the development of dependable non-destructive testing methods, it is now possible to produce spiral weld pipe for high-pressure service. Present spiral weld mills consist of a de-coiling device (in the case of strip base material), a strip connecting welder, straightening rollers, edge preparation tools (shearing and trimming), prebending devices, a bending and cage forming system, an internal welder, an external welder (both submerged arc), ultrasonic testing apparatus and cutting devices. The material passes through all these production stages continuously. The angle between the flat strip being fed into the machine and the finished pipe leaving the machine controls the pipe diameter in ratio to strip width and the angle of the weld in the pipe. Because of the method of manufacture, a wide variety of diameters can be produced. The diameter tolerance is small, particularly with regard to ovality; and the pipe, due to its axial symmetry, has an inherent straightness. The length range is infinite and is controlled only by the economics of transportation. Spiral weld pipe is used for piling and structural applications, as well as for dredging, slurry, water and other pipelines. Spiral weld pipe is produced in accordance with the dimensional and tolerance requirements of various ASTM, AWWA and API specifications.

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ASTM/ASME A252/SA252 Piling Pipe

ASTM Specification A252 describes nominal (average) wall steel pipe piles of cylindrical shape and applies to pipe piles in which the steel cylinder acts as a permanent load-carrying member or as a shell to form case-in-place concrete piles.

Surface imperfections exceeding 25% of the nominal wall in depth are considered defects. Defects not exceeding 22.5% of the nominal wall in depth may be repaired by welding. Before welding, the defect shall be completely removed.


Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3
Tensile Strength, min, psi50,00060,00066,000
Yield Strength30,00035,00045,000


Seamless and ERW WeldedMax% 0.050
  • Testing Requirements for seamless and welded A252 steel piling pipe

    • Tensile Test: Either longitudinal or transverse at option of manufacturer.

    • Hydrostatic Testing: Not specified.

    • Mechanical Tests:

    • Number of Tests: One tensile test per 200 lengths.

  • Permissible Variations for A252 steel piling pipe

    • Wall thickness: Not more than 12.5% under the nominal wall thickness specified.

    • Weights per foot: The weight of any individual length of pipe shall not vary more than 15% over or 5% under the weight specified. Each individual length shall be weighed separately.

    • Outside diameter: Shall not vary more than plus or minus 1% from the diameter specified.

  • Lengths of A252 steel piling pipe

    U. S. Steel Tubular Products A252 steel piling pipe may be ordered in single or double random lengths or in uniform lengths.

    • Single random – 16’ – 25’ inclusive

    • Double random – Over 25’ with a minimum average of 35’

    • Uniform – Plus or minus 1” on length specified

  • Marking Requirements

    Rolled, die-stamped, or paint-stenciled (manufacturer’s option).

    • Manufacturer’s name, brand, or trademark

    • Heat number

    • Method of pipe manufacture

    • Size, weight, length

    • Wall thickness

    • ASTM A252 and steel grade

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